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Credits Cards categorized by the issuing bank.

Getting Started

  1. Get the Discover It 5% card as your first card
    • Use a referral link for $50 credit
    • Mark your occupation as student to get the student card
    • Make sure you list an income that is >=$10,000
    • If rejected, apply for the secured card or the Capital One Platinum
  2. Get the Chase Freedom
    • Use a referral link
    • If rejected, get the PayPal Mastercard. I don't have a referral link for this.
    • Or get the Capital One Quicksilver or Capital One Savor One using a referral.

The Discover It and Capital One Platinum cards are easier to get for people with no prior credit history. If you're uncomfortable listing an income >= $10,000 then you may apply for the Discover It secured instead.

Next, you want to get a Chase Freedom card so you can start building a reputation with Chase bank. Chase auto-rejects customers who have opened 5 or more credit cards within the prior 24 months.

If you want a general purpose credit card, you can apply for the PayPal Mastercard issued by Synchrony Bank. Synchrony Bank is very generous with approvals and with credit limits so you can apply for their cards at any time.

American Express

Amex cards earn MR points. MR points can be redeemed for cash at 0.6 cents per point. Ideally, they should be transferred to airline or hotel partners (e.g. Avios).

Do not apply for Amex cards as your first card. They will typically reject you. They're better for late-game since they will give you a card even if you've already opened a lot of cards.

Bank of America

Capital One



Chase cards earn UR points.
UR points can be redeemed for statement credit at 1 UR point = 1 cent.
With the Sapphire Preferred or Reserve cards, they can be transferred or redeemed for travel for more value.

  • 5/24 rule. If you've gotten 5 credit cards (from any issuer) within the past 24 months, you will get automatically rejected


Synchrony Bank

Synchrony Bank is one of the more lenient lenders. I have yet to get rejected for a credit card from them. They also give the highest credit limits among banks I've applied to.

Wells Fargo