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Notes on Computer Science conferences.
Insights shared to me by Ruofei.


Chinese government list of CS conferences

  • Higher ranked conferences are not necessarily harder to get into than second-tier but are more prestigious.
  • Avoid bottom-tier conferences and pay-to-publish journals. These actually hurt your reputation.

Graphics Conferences

Top tier conferences
  • ACM SIGGRAPH - the largest and most prestigious graphics conference.
    • Paper deadlines in May.
    • See also SIGGRAPH ASIA.
  • IEEE VR - for virtual reality related papers. Has a journal track which goes to IEEE TVCG.
    • Journal deadlines in September. Conference deadlines in November.
  • IEEE ISMAR - for augmented reality related papers. Sometimes has a journal track which goes to TVCG.
    • Journal deadlines in March. Conference deadlines in May.
  • ACM MM - multimedia

Vision Conferences

  • IEEE CVPR - a top tier vision conference. Has lots of papers so many are presented as posters instead of oral presentations.
  • WACV

HCI Conferences

  • ACM CHI - the largest HCI conference. Occasionally accepts visualization papers.
    • Has an LBW track where you can submit poster papers which are more likely to get accepted.
    • Paper deadlines in September. LBW deadlines in January.
  • ACM UIST - user interfaces. Seems to lean more towards hardware interfaces: haptics, sensors, 3D things.