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How to learn Chinese


Integrated Chinese

There are two levels split into 4 books. Each book is one semester worth of content.
Level 1 book 1, level 1 book 2, level 2 book 2, level 1 book 2.
Level 1 provides readings in Chinese, an pinyin reading, and the English translation.
Level 2 drops the pinyin readings.
All levels teach grammar and culture in English.
All exercise prompts are in English with short Chinese responses.

New Practical Chinese Reader

See wikipedia
This series has 6 levels of textbooks. Each book is one semester of content for a total of 3 years of college classes.
Note that this is slightly more difficult than Integrated Chinese.
Level 3 drops pinyin except for in the vocab lists.
Readings are in Chinese only with an English analysis of key phrases.
Much heavier Chinese reading and vocab drills.


I don't recommend using apps too extensively.
You can't acquire literacy solely using apps.

Hello Chinese

Good for learning the pronunciations. Very beginner-level.


Good for learning pronunciations and definitions of single characters.
Easy to forget the characters though.