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Wikitext is the markup language for Mediawiki pages.


Importing Individual Pages From Wikipedia

Mediawikiwiki: Manual:Importing_Wikipedia_infoboxes_tutorial

  1. Go to Wikipedia's Special:Export
  2. Type in the page you want.
    Template:Key press
    Template:Key press/doc
  3. Check include templates and download the file
  4. Go to your wiki's Special:Import
  5. Import the file.

Restricting Access

The best way to restrict access is to create a separate wiki.
However, there do exist extensions to manage access at the page-level.
One such extension is Semantic ACL which requires Semantic Mediawiki.


  • Find a way to insert text files into mediawiki (either via upload or as text).
    • These should be downloadable with a link.
    • Bonus if .js files and WebGL shaders can be made runnable.

Writing Extensions

PHP Hooks

See Mediawikiwiki:Manual:Hooks


  • This is only called for new sections of pages, not necessarily the entire page.

JS Hooks

See mw.hook documentation